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Jokpin about Chairil Anwar


Joko Pinurbo wrote Since the 80s, but he only became widely known when he turned 37 years old. An anthology of poems entitled "Celana" was successfully released, and his name continued to flutter.

Jokpin, his nickname, contributed a sweet memory about Jogja: Jogja was created from longing, going home and angkringan. A quote in the book A Piece Of Heart in Angkringan.

A simple quote but so strong imprint in the minds of readers and millions of people who have visited Jogja.

Jokpin makes social reality as a source of ideas from his poems. He, though interested in becoming a poet after reading the poem" DukaMu Abadi " by Sapardi Djoko Damono, but chose another object for his writings.

Then, what is Jokpin's view on Chairil Anwar, who is referred to as the main writer in the literary treasure in Indonesia?

"I really love Chairil Anwar," he said.

However, he actually wanted to be the antithesis of Chairil Anwar's works which he said wrote more about defeat and pessimism of life.

Jokpin read Anwar's works with a critical approach, although he admired Anwar's diction.

He was grateful to Chairil Anwar who made him not want to be Chairil Anwar.

Jokpin chose the reality of "trivial" to be used as poetry. Something that is close to many people, something that is in the lives of many people, like for example Khong Guan bread.

Even so, Jokpin admitted that he did not offer anything new in the world of Indonesian literature. But he wants to sneak up and be part of many people's daily lives.

"If you remember the pants, remember Jokpin," he joked.

Jokpin is now a great writer, although he was once disappointed with himself because many of his scripts were rejected by publishers, before his first book was published before the Reformation.

He is now busy fulfilling invitations for seminars, book reviews, interviews and so on.

A day he spent 4 cups of coffee, he did not choose what kind of coffee is right. The fire engine is no problem. Jokpin is an ordinary man in his daily life.

He claimed to know more by heart the names of football players than Indonesian poets.

He was also a loner, studying and working in his own Hermitage. Not a community poet. Also often hang out in angkringan.

He loves Jogja, as a place to go home and he always misses it, especially there is angkringan.

Now, he is heading for 60 years. He outlived Chairil Anwar who had become a legend before the age of 30. []

Blitar, 2 September 2021
Ahmad Fahrizal Aziz

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