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Gathering Energy and Writing Mood


The author will not be short of ideas. Coz ideas, inspiration or writing materials are always available, what runs out may be our mood to write them down.

An idea really needs to be formulated to become writing. Ideas can be obtained from many things: personal experience, friends' stories, contemplation of a condition, and many others.

But not necessarily we can execute it. In the end, it only becomes a wish that fades with time, or a concept note that never finds its form.

Writing does need mood and energy. Without it, the monitor screen for hours only displays a white sheet with a blinking cursor, dozens of playlists continue to echo without a single sentence being written.

Writing takes energy, and writers get it from readers. As Max Havelar said: your writing is bound to be read.

Yes, every article you write will definitely be read, one way to build a reader base is to have a community.

When we know that our writing will be read, or that there are a group of entities ready to become readers, that energy can be multiplied.

The reader base will build a productive atmosphere. That's why professional writers always have enough energy to complete their works.

Then what about the mood? Although almost the same, but both are different. Mood is closely related to mood.

Mood is also influenced by passion and attractiveness. What's your favorite thing? Something that sparks high enthusiasm will definitely put you in a good mood.

So before you start writing, you need to ask these two things: what kind of writing do you like? And what topics are you most interested in?

The answers to the two things above can only be found by reading. Whatever the type and topic, over time, one will find a "mate" in his work.

The community will maintain this productive climate and atmosphere. That the writing community should have a routine program to maintain the energy and mood to work.

The meeting is like an exchange of enthusiasm, like a cell phone that must be regularly powered by electricity. []

Blitar, 12 March 2023
Ahmad Fahrizal Aziz

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